Monday September 11, 2023
Following the Anti-Doping tests that took place at Plymouth Speedway on the 5th September the SCB have received the results from the Laboratory of the tests from both Mr Richie Worrall and Mr Steve Boxall.

Both tests have proved positive for a banned substance therefore breaching SCB Regulation -

018.2 Breach of Rules

k) An Anti-Doping Offence, that is the occurrence of the anti-doping rule violation -
1. the presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in the body
Mr Worrall and Mr Boxall SCB Registrations have been suspended for a period of 30 days with immediate effect pending a SCB Disciplinary Court Hearing.

Mr Worrall clubs Leicester and Plymouth have now completed their 2023 fixtures.

Mr Boxall Championship club Berwick Bandits have now completed their 2023 fixtures, however, Mr Boxall National League Club Berwick Bullets will be entitled to a facility during this suspension period.

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