Wednesday September 06, 2023
On Tuesday 5th September 2023 at Plymouth Speedway in their fixture versus Berwick, four riders were randomly selected for an Alcohol and Drug Testing.

Plymouth Rider Richie Worrall and Berwick Rider Steve Boxall were two of the four riders who were randomly selected.

Both Mr Worrall and Mr Boxall produced samples however with one prohibited substance the result provided a non - negative result, therefore excluding them from the event.

These samples have now been sent off to the Laboratory for further analysis.

Both Mr Worrall and Mr Boxall SCB Registrations have currently been suspended pending the results from the Laboratory.

Two other riders who were tested were confirmed negative on all their results.

The clubs of Mr Worrall (Leicester Premiership and Plymouth Championship) and Mr Boxall (Berwick Championship and Berwick NDL) will be entitled to a facility during the rider's suspension period under SCB Regulation 010.5 i).

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