Thursday December 24, 2020
LEICESTER chief Stewart Dickson insists the future is bright for the club – despite the current doom and gloom around the country.

Dickson, one of the most passionate characters in the sport, is urging fans to stay positive with prospects for racing enhanced by the rollout of the Covid vaccine and the improved weather heading into spring.

In a timely festive message, Dickson said: “It’s been most probably a year many of us just want to put behind us I’m sure.

“After winning four trophies in 2019 the excitement was building for the 2020 season, crowds were up and together we had built a real feel good factor on a Saturday night.

“Sadly, we reflect on a season which unfortunately never got off the ground and when you’re a speedway fan like we all are boy do you miss it.

“It’s a difficult feeling to put into words and I almost feel guilty to complain of not seeing the Lions and Cubs on track this year, I live for speedway.

“Along with my family it’s my biggest passion, but unfortunately many others have suffered much worse.

“We have to be optimistic that we will roar back in 2021. A vaccine has been found and come April hopefully 50% of Britain will have been vaccinated.

“It’s strange that not only do I miss the racing home and away but I miss the supporters, the riders, our brilliant sponsors, all the people helping on race nights and I think it’s something we take for granted that we will all see each other every season.

“I urge everyone to stay positive and hopefully in a few months we can all meet up at the Paul Chapman and Sons Arena to defend the league title, a trophy we intend to fight every inch of the way in retaining it in 2021.

“Myself and co-promoter Dave Darcy would like to wish all the Leicester supporters along with Watling JCB, Paul Chapman and Sons and Roger Webster a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hopefully we will all catch up in April 2021.”

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