Friday December 11, 2020
LEICESTER promoter and British Speedway board member Stewart Dickson says an amicable agreement for both the Premiership and Championship is the priority in discussions for next season.

And he’s blasted posts on social media suggesting he wants a reduced points limit in the Championship because it suits his own club..

Dickson has confirmed private discussions in both leagues have continued to take place in the past week.

He said: “We are all working hard to have an amicable outcome for both the championship and the Premiership.

“These things take time and many clubs have different views over next season and the structure of the leagues.

“Every club has the right to do what’s best for their club but with myself also being a director of the sport I need to think about the overall structure.”

On the social media posts about him looking after Leicester’s needs, he said: “I know I have been the subject on social media saying that I only want the points limit reduced as it suits Leicester.

He said: “Nothing is further from the truth, be assured whatever the outcome we have identified two or three different riders for our final team spot.”

And he has a defiant message for Leicester supporters after Ellis Perks quit the club for financial reasons.
He said: “We have a space to fill in the Lions 1-7 to replace Perks and as soon as we sign someone the Leicester fans will be first to know about it.

“Depending on the outcome of the AGM, which is hopefully going to be before Christmas, we will then know which one of our intended targets can be offered a contract with the reigning champions, a title we very much wish to hold onto in 2021.”

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