Thursday December 03, 2020
LEICESTER signing Nick Morris insists he’s fine despite hitting his back against the fence in a big meeting in Australia at the weekend.

Morris was in fine form in the Darcy Ward Invitational at the Mick Doohan Raceway in North Brisbane and had a big crash which ended any hopes of glory.

Fellow Watling JCB Lions racer Ryan Douglas had a fine night and finished third in front of a big crowd.

Said Morris: “I started good with three wins then I had a crash hitting the fence back first, which slowed me down.

“There are no air fences over here so that wasn’t great. I did have a go afterwards but was a bit stiff, but I’m fine.

“ I’m just glad a great crowd turned up for the meeting and we all put on a show.

“There has so much hard work gone on behind the scenes and it’s great seeing my mate (Darcy) running this meeting and being as involved as he is.”

Good news for Stewart Dickson and his side is that Morris, a title winner in the top flight with Swindon in 2017, is ready to return for the 2021 season which is planned to start next spring.

He said: “I plan on starting next season like I should have started this one.

“I’m happy at both Wolves and Leicester and see no reason to leave either club. They are both well run and I like both tracks.

“Obviously promoters will have some tough decisions to make over the next few months but I’m good to go.”

The news of Morris being happy to return is a welcome boost for boss Dickson who is already forced into a team change after Ellis Perks quit claiming he can’t afford to continue riding.

Dickson has already drawn up a list of potential replacements depending on the agreed structure of the Championship and the points limit.

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