Wednesday August 19, 2020
LEICESTER chief Stewart Dickson has explained why they are pressing ahead with the British Youth Championship this Saturday 6 pm) – despite spectators not being allowed to attend.

Fans have taken to social media to criticise the move as Scunthorpe held the first round with restricted numbers allowed to watch on a successful day for the sport.

But Dickson believes the city of Leicester remains four weeks behind other areas in getting to the stage of allowing fans.

“I have read some of the negative comments, but the reality is not many other tracks have put their hand up to offer to stage a round,” said Dickson.

“GB youth boss Neil Vatcher spoke to us and I can tell you he is absolutely delighted to be able to stage a second round here at Leicester.

“We are happy to help out and of course we are very disappointed we cannot welcome spectators like Scunthorpe did. It’s disappointing because all went well there but we will get there.

“We also hope to do more meetings between now and the end of October.”

The club can confirm all four finals from the event will be shown later that evening via the British Speedway facebook, twitter and instagram accounts.

500cc line-up: Sam Hagon, Sam McGurk, Mickie Simpson, Joe Thompson, Sam Peters, Alex Goldsbrough, Dan Thompson, Archie Freeman, Callum Gill, Elliot Kelly, Harry McGurk.

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