Friday May 15, 2020
LEICESTER racer Danyon Hume has praised the club owners for their commitment to National League racing.

The club have made it clear they are determined to press on with the Roger Webster Lion Cubs fixtures as soon as they can – despite a shortened season for the senior team.

Said Hume: “Hopefully we can get started soon and be able to run a full National league season.

“The Leicester management have said they won’t compromise the Lion Cubs once we do get the go ahead to start which is really good of them.

“Until then we will have to just wait and see what unfolds in the next few weeks.”

Despite Hume’s positivity, he admits frustration is creeping in the longer the bikes cannot take to the track.

“It’s pretty frustrating just waiting around hoping for some good news for the season hopefully starting,” he said.

“I see the Danes can start practicing now with certain restrictions in place so if we could do something like that here then it would at least give you chance to blow away the cobwebs.

“I’m lucky I have work to fall back on and spend some time with my girlfriend which is good.”

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