Tuesday January 14, 2020
SKIPPER Danyon Hume will be back to lead the Leicester Lion Cubs in their National League title defence.

Hume formed a sensational spearhead with Ellis Perks in 2019 as the Roger Webster Lion Cubs clinched a league and KO Cup double in their first season.

And Hume has now turned his attentions to repeating the feat this year, whilst also furthering his own aspirations of securing a team place at Championship level.

He said: “It was actually quite a long time to wait because after the AGM was postponed we didn’t know if the National League was going to run or not.

“But being back at Leicester is great. It’s a good club, I like the track, we have a good advantage there, and the fans are really supportive.

“I want to build on what we did last year. We’ve got a good team again, and throughout the whole team it’s probably even stronger than what we had last year.

“I’m looking forward to working with the new guys who I haven’t been in the team with before, and get them dialled in to the track.

“I think we have a good chance of winning it again, and I just want to push everyone on to make it a double and bring all the trophies back home.”

Hume joins teenagers Dan and Joe Thompson in returning from last season, whilst Joe Lawlor also takes a heat-leader role with experience from racing for the senior side in 2019.

Newcomers Tom Spencer and Danny Woodward have also signed on, meaning the Lion Cubs have one more place to fill in their line-up.

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