Friday August 30, 2019
LEICESTER Lion Cubs bring in Matt Marson to guest in their home National League clash with leaders Kent on Saturday (7.30pm).

Marson covers for Luke Ruddick whilst Dan Thompson is ruled out for the Roger Webster Lion Cubs as he suffered a small fracture to his wrist when he crashed at the Isle of Wight on Thursday.

He will be in a cast until September 9 before a further x-ray to check it has healed, and the Cubs will operate rider-replacement.

LEICESTER: Danyon Hume, Dan Thompson R/R, Joe Thompson, Matt Marson, Ellis Perks, Josh Embleton, Ryan Terry-Daley.
KENT: Anders Rowe, David Wallinger, Jordan Jenkins R/R, Dan Gilkes, Drew Kemp, James Chattin, Jacob Clouting.

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