Thursday August 29, 2019
LEICESTER will set the points target when they complete their regular Championship programme at Scunthorpe on Friday.

The Watling JCB Lions have already confirmed their play-off place and are now in a scrap with Glasgow for top spot at the end of the league stage – and with it, the chance to pick their semi-final opponents.

Lions currently have 46 points and can add up to four more on Friday, whilst Glasgow are on 36 with six matches remaining.

The Tigers still have to race four times at home, so if the Lions miss out in Lincolnshire then they can be overhauled if Glasgow complete wins on their own circuit over Berwick, Newcastle, Scunthorpe and Sheffield.

But should the Lions win at the Eddie Wright Raceway, it will force the Tigers to also collect points on the road in tough trips to Berwick and/or Redcar.

Manager Stewart Dickson has booked former Scorpions rider Jason Garrity to guest for the injured Richie Worrall, and also juggles the remainder of the top five in a bid to ensure maximum returns.

The home side, who are in mid-table but picked up a 52-38 win over Newcastle last week, operate rider-replacement for the injured Danny Ayres and include one of league’s top reserves on current form in Simon Lambert.

Dickson said: “We can’t control what Glasgow, Somerset and Redcar are going to do, and they look like being the teams who are going to make it along with us, although someone else could still spring from the pack.

“So it’s really about what we do for ourselves, and the plan is to go to Scunthorpe and get something, and to be focused completely on ourselves as we have no control over others.

“This is obviously our last match as a team before a Cup Final, so we’ll go there looking to keep putting points on the board and to keep putting pressure on others around us.

“I’ve moved the team line-up about to what I feel can counter-act their team. We would expect Ryan Douglas to score heavily again there, hence we’ve put him at No.5, and we’ve put Scott (Nicholls) and Ellis (Perks) together again in the middle, so hopefully it will work out.”

SCUNTHORPE: Jake Allen, Danny Ayres R/R, Stefan Nielsen, Josh Auty, Ben Barker, Ryan Kinsley, Simon Lambert.
LEICESTER: Jason Garrity, Ty Proctor, Ellis Perks, Scott Nicholls, Ryan Douglas, Joe Lawlor, Connor Mountain.

*LEICESTER Lion Cubs will have a new signing in the team for Saturday’s home clash with play-off rivals Kent.

The Roger Webster Lion Cubs, who visit the Isle of Wight tonight, have moved to bring in Josh Embleton to replace Ryan MacDonald at reserve.

The change has been made due to MacDonald’s unavailability for a number of forthcoming meetings due to work commitments.

Embleton has previous National League experience from a spell with Birmingham last season, and the club would also like to thank Ryan for his efforts this season after he came in at short notice to replace Kelsey Dugard.

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